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Why Choose Total Roofing? Let Our Previous Clients Tell You!

Our office’s roof caved in, and whenever we called Total Roofing we were surprised at how soon they got it fixed. Plus, it was affordable! The staff was exceptionally professional, but not stuffy to be around. To say that we had a great experience with them would be an understatement. If you need any roof problems resolved, these guys are the guys to call.

– Devri Hensley II ★★★★★

We hired Total Roof to come out and repair the roof on our warehouse after a nasty storm came in. These guys are great, I can’t say enough positive things about the team from start to finish, they EXCEEDED our expectations!! Super careful, friendly staff, informative management that kept us in the loop the whole time. Thank you Total Roof for an exceptional job well done, we highly recommend!!!

– Easy Moves Moving & Storage ★★★★★

When my roof got a hole from hail damage, I thought I was going to have to go through a long, painful process that would cost me a lot of money to get it fixed up. I called around to a few roofing places, but when I called Total Roofing I was very pleasantly surprised. They were very professional and offered me a reasonable price for my repair, and now I have no issues with my roof! If you need any roof repairs, I recommend Total Roofing wholeheartedly.

– Adam Faison ★★★★★

I was tired of my old roof’s look and wanted something that suited my house better. When I called Total Roofing they told me that they could replace my roof and make sure it had ALL the bells and whistles of weather protection, all for a low price. Their guys were friendly and professional, and they got it done in a timely fashion. Total Roofing is my go-to recommendation for anyone who wants to get a new roof!

– Jessica Cogswell ★★★★★

Roof problems aren’t easy to deal with, and you can easily get overwhelmed. If you have any question about our services, including why you should choose us or if you even need to use a roof repair/replacement service, give us a call at (205)-432-8395! We’ll send you over a free estimate, or just talk to you about your problems to see if you want to hire us to work on your roof.